Your First Call Toward Peace of Mind

“What just happened? Am I ok? Oh no, my car! I have to call 911. My house will never be the same.” These are all thoughts that go through our mind after an automobile accident or homeowners loss. The next thoughts typically involve insurance. Are you covered? Is the other person covered? How much coverage do I have?

The first step involved in the insurance process for Pekin Insurance customers is to call our Claim Call Center at 888-735-4611. Pekin Insurance’s Claim Call Center is available 24/7/365. In 2013, over 48,000 claims were reported to our Call Center. You will first choose from one of four prompts depending on the type of claim you are reporting.

A very common claim involves windshield repair or replacement on your automobile. If you are reporting a windshield only claim, you will choose the first prompt. When your windshield cracks or is chipped and there is no other physical damage to your vehicle, you would select this option, too.

The second prompt involves Emergency Roadside Service (ERS). If your vehicle is disabled due to reasons aside from a collison or comprehensive accident, you will choose this prompt to be directly connected to our towing service, Quest. Common examples of ERS claims include tire changes, towing and winching, lockout services, and fuel delivery (the cost of the fuel is your responsibility).

If your call does not pertain to a claim, you will choose the third prompt and be directed to the operator in order to handle your call accordingly.

To report any claim other than a windshield or ERS claim, remain on the line and your call will be answered by one of our Call Center representatives. Our representatives are trained to assist you in opening your claim in a timely manner. The information taken provides our adjusters with contact information for you and any other parties involved; a description of the loss, damages, and injuries, if any; and police report information. You will be provided with a claim number and contact information regarding the adjuster assigned to the claim. We pride ourselves in assuring contact by the assigned adjuster is made within 4 business hours (barring a catastrophic storm event in which contact time from the assigned adjuster may increase).

What happens after you suffer an insurance loss? Minimal frustration and peace of mind when you are insured with Pekin Insurance.

Claim Services Coordinator

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