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Xbox Series S Hardware Specs Potentially Leaked Online

According to a new leak, Xbox Series S will be using 4 Teraflops GPU with the same CPU as Xbox Series X.

We’ve almost seen everything about Xbox Series S, except for the console itself. Recently, a leaked image of an Xbox Series S controller gone viral, and now, the full hardware specs of the console have been leaked online.

TweakTown, a well-known hardware media, has recently shared an image comparing the hardware of Xbox Series X to its little brother Series S. It’s the first time over the months that we get to see the full specs of Xbox Series S, and it’s exciting.

As shown in the image above, Series S will be using the same CPU as Xbox Series X, but the most noticeable difference is in the GPU section, where Series S will be equipped with a 4 TFLOPs chipset set up with 20 RDNA 2.0 CUs @1.550 GHz. In the case of RAM storage, Series S uses a single 10 GB GDDR6 with no speed rate specified.

When it comes to the performance target, Series S guarantees 60 frames per second at 2K resolution. It’s yet to be seen whether the console wouldn’t be able to run 4K resolutions or would run it at lower frames. Same as Series X, the cheaper Xbox console will also use SSD drive, but its volume hasn’t been specified yet.

Last but not least, the cheaper next-gen Xbox will have no disc drive, which puts the console in the same position as current-gen’s Xbox One S All Digital. This will probably have a key role in delivering the console at a much fewer price than expected.

According to the rumors, Microsoft was willing to unveil its secondary next-gen console later in August, but for some reason, including the delay of Halo Infinite, the showcase has reportedly postponed to the next month. Likely, we will finally get to know the launch price for both consoles when Microsoft reveals Series S.

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