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Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition Guide
This is our really useful and unofficial guide to the mega game which is Minecraft. Use our guide to help you get started in the game and find out t..

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Unlock Steve Gamer Picture

When you mine Redstone the Steve Gamer picture will become unlocked.


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Herobrine’s cave

I know how to find herobrine’s cave,and the cave is REAL 😀
1.make a new world sure it is survival
3.seed generator has to be jpgaming’re in the world now,but stay where you are
5.go one step forward
6.go two steps to left
7.and keep mining until you see TWO blocks of ANOTHER KIND
8.there is the cave,but maybe it was easier to make a pickaxe fir..


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Unlock Gamerpics

Creeper Gamerpic
Kill 10 Creepers

Gamer Picture
Mine Redstone


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Allyou got to do is make a snow golem/man and trap it where you can see it’s feet but it can’t get then take a shovel and hit the ground at the snowmans feet but don’t hit him! Snow should just keep apearing. Plz like this.hope it helps you


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Unlock Free XBox Live Minecraft Premium Theme

Press ‘Start’ then the Y button to share a screenshot over Facebook. This is free compared to the normal 240MSP needed for premium ones.


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New Dispenser Duplication Glitch

Note: May not work on first try!

You Need:

1. Pickaxe

2. Sword

3. Dispenser

4. Thing you want to duplicate.

5. Chest


1. Place Thing you want to duplicate in the middle slot on the dispenser.

2. Set Chest 5 blocks away from dispenser

3. Get out Pickaxe and Sword.



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Avatar Awards

Complete the following tasks to earn the corresponding Avatar Award.

Minecraft Watch:
Play the game for 100 day to night cycles.

The Creeper Cap:
Kill a Creeper with arrows.

The Pork-Chop T-Shirt:
Earn a Cooked Porkchop.


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Break into the Void

Use axes to dig a hole to the Bedrock and then place TNT on the top of the bedrock ALL the way up to Layer 127. When you now explode the TNT you will make a hole into the Void.


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TNT cannon

So you’re going to need 22 blocks of gold, a lever, 14 redstone, 4 redstone repeaters, a bucket of water, something to mine with, a stone slab, and 8 blocks of TNT. First, make a 9×3 rectangle with the gold. Then, mine one of the blocks in the middle. (On the short side.) Choose wisely, as this will be the end the TNT will be coming out of. Put the stone slab where that block was. Go around to t..


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Stick to edge

The Crouch button controls whether you crouch or not. When crouched, your character will stick to an edge if you try to walk off. You simply can’t fall when you do this. Very useful for making a sky path.


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Dupliation Glitch. NOT PATCHED!!!

On the xbox360 minecraft get a stone iron gold or diamond pic (wooden doesn’t work) and a different weapon like a stone sword. Then get a furnace and take any item and hold a on the fuel and there you go!


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1.First start up a world
2.Then make shure that the world is creative
3.Get the eye of ender
4.Then get the ender portal frame
5.Then destroy three blocks in a line
6.Then do that in a circle but NOT the corners
7.Then put ender portal fames in holes
8.Then go down two blocks in the middle of the ender portal
9.Then put the eye of ender in the ender porta..


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To perform this trick you need to wait until night before going in a boat that has been placed next to a bed. Get in the bed while in the boat and you will then be underground. If you now have someone destroy the bed you will become an invisible floating corpse that can kill, you willl not however be able to pick items up and use them. If you drop items you will lose them.


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How to summon herobrine

When you go in type in this seed -999544746264374563 then
Use superlflat cut down loads of trees (so like no leaves on trees) then make a herobrine spawn like this 9 gold
(or butter) blocks in a square then make a house far away
(but remember where it is) then put 2 nettherack in the middle in a up way then light it on fire (has to be in survival) then go back to you’re house and ..


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To make a monster prison

Go on creative mode and build house like prison then you pick a monster of your choice then you get to follow you when you get it to your prison break a whole in the wall an go in it with your monster then get an iron door or blolcks and block the whole and put a whole in the roof fly out and block it up


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Duplicate Items

This trick is performed by having a player open a dispenser and placing the item you want to duplicate into it (leave the dispenser menu open). If you now have a second player destroy the dispenser the item will split into 64 pieces. Place these pieces one by on by pressing X. If you transfer the pieces by pressing Y they will disappear.


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Able to see without light.

If you wanna be able to see in dark caves without any light at all, here is what you do:

Press START to go to the pause menu.

Click Help&Options.

Click Settings.

Click Graphics.

Put Gamma on 100%.

Hope this helped!!


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Bonus Chest Glitch

1. Put a bonus chest option on.
2. Spawn in a survival game no seeds.
3. Take chest then save and exit.
4. When you play again on the map there will be another


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Arrow Shooter (Dispenser)

You are going to need:

A dispenser

9 sets of 64 arrows

A button/lever.

Okay here is what you do: a Dispencer in the place and direction you want the arrows to shoot.

2. Place all sets of arrows into the Dispenser.

3. Place the button next to the dispenser.

4. Press the button to shoot an arrow.


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How to Make a Portal to the Nether

To make a Nether portal, you will need the following:

1. Diamond Pickaxe

2. Iron Ingot

3. Flint

Step 1
Use the Diamond pickaxe to mine 16 blocks of Obsidian. (Note this may take a little bit of time since Obsidian is very durable)

Step 2
Place the 16 Obsidian blocks in a STANDING rectangle shape that is 4 blocks wide and 5 blocks t..


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Onse you dig down 3 blocks of stone make 64 stone slabs then mine them then you will find diamond or gold or iron


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Teleport to Top of Map

If your in a hole and want to get to the top of the map without all the mining then here is an easy trick. Dig 2 blocks out and then place glass panes there. Save the game when you are standing up close to the glass. Exit the game then start it back up again. You should be at ground level unless there were any dungeons above you!


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Unlock Hidden Music Track

Play the music disk ‘Cat’ on a jukebox and wait several seconds after the track has finished. If you don’t take the disk out a new, hidden track called ‘Dog’ will begin playing.


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Duplication Glitch [PATCHED]

1. You must have 2 people in the game you and a friend for this to work.

2. Create a dispenser with 7 cobblestone 1 bow and 1 redstone

3. Place your item in the dispenser as seen in the video I used diamond use whatever you’d like.

4. Have your friend break the dispenser changing the item from 1 to 64.

5. Put the 64 stack in your inventory and NOT ..


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2nd Village + mine

Instead of heading to the village forward from your first spawn point, head to the left. You’ll find a different village with a house with a Netherrack burning. There is also a house (Might be the same one) that has a chest (I forget what was in it or if there was one). There is a farm are with wheat growing as well. If you keep going farther left from the spawn point, you’ll find a mine. Guess ..


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