World Children’s Rights Day / November 20

The Convention on The Rights of children is the most widely accepted human rights document in history. Thanks to this agreement, which was approved on November 20, 1989, children’s rights are now recognized by law. On November 20th, all over the worldWorld Children’s Day is celebrated. Turkey signed the Convention on The Rights of Children in 1990.

The Convention on The Rights of the Child is where they were born, who they were; gender, religion or social origin, regardless of the rights of all children.

The contract covers: right to life; the right to develop in a complete manner; the right to protection from harmful effects, exploitation and exploitation; right to complete participation in family, culture and social life.

Convention on The Rights of The Child, civilized, political, economic, social and cultural fields. it defines human rights in the broadest way. The basic values that govern this agreement are: AI don’t want to be blinded; the benefit of the child; life and development; Participation.

Convention on The Rights of The Child, It begins by identifying those under the age of eighteen as children. The main topics covered in the agreement are:

The role and responsibility of the parents; the role and responsibility of the state in cases of neglect of this;

● The right to have and maintain a name and naturalization;

● Right to life and development;

● Access to health care;

● Access to education;

● The right to access a standard of living worthy of a human being;

● The right to have time for entertainment, relaxation and cultural events;

● Right to protection from abuse and neglect;

● Right to protection from drug addiction;

● The right to protection from economic exploitation;

● Right to freedom of expression;

● Right to freedom of thought;

● The right to the freedoms to form an association;

● Children’s right to express their views on matters related to themselves;

● Children’s rights with special needs:

● Rights of disabled children.

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