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Spanish WorkShop If you want to do any kind of work, you have to use the correct tools for it. You can learn the name of a lot of tools in Spanish language.

Everybody needs articles from a workshop, so this is the reason why is important to learn the name of the most common tools in Spanish. If you are in a Spanish-speaking country and you want to make a project, you will need many tools to being it. These tools are available at any workshop, but you will first need to learn the proper names of those tools. The following table will help you to solve this issue.

Spanish Workshop

Tools Herramientas
workbench mesa de trabajo
board Tablón
tool box Caja de herramientas
wood madera
metal metal
nails clavos
screws tornillos
tacks tachuelas
bolt tornillo / tuerca
nut tuerca
washer arandela
staple grapa
glue cola, engrudo
saw sierra
drill taladro
drill bit barrena, broca
hammer martillo
screwdriver destornillador
chisel cincel, formol
clamp prensa
utility knife cuchillo
wrench llave
pliers alicates, tenaza
sander lijadora
sandpaper papel de lija
router fresadora
sandust serrón
rasp escofina
file lima
tape measure cinta métrica


  • When I want to cut something in an exact measure, you have to use the tape measure for it.
  • Cuando quieres cortar algo en una medida exacta, tienes que usar la cinta métrica para eso.

  • I need a screwdriver to assemble my computer.
  • Necesito un destornillador para armar mi computadora.

  • I want to repair my bike but I can't find the tool box, do you know where it is?.
  • Quiero reparar mi bicicleta pero no puedo encontrar la caja de herramientas, sabes dónde está?

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