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Why Is Lobster Blood Blue? – AFA

The types of the stalemates among the crustaceans are divided according to their colors. While it has almost every shade of blue, it also has green and brown shades. While a stager’s height can be 30-35 cm, they have the ability to go up to 4-5 pounds. With the fins in the tail sections, the artists can travel four and a half meters in a second. This means a serious speed when you think about their height. A lobster can swim an estimated 150 kilometers to find a partner. The biggest enemies of the seafarers in the sea are octopuses. When we look at the density of the lathe in our country, we can count the Marmara Sea, the Straits and the Aegean Sea.

The reason why it is the most expensive among seafood is its flavors. When we look at the cooking tactics of the stats, there is a situation like this. When they are boiled live, a great flavor is created, and during this cooking, the stingers do not shout. Because there are no vocal cords like other sea creatures. The reason why the artists make noise during cooking is their skin. The crusts exposed to excessive heat begin to crack, thus making noises during cooking. The stigmates must die suddenly, otherwise their characteristics will make a secretion before they die and this will make the meat of the epidemic invincible. If the lobster is eaten this way, it can cause poisoning. The color of a baked baker is red because the temperature makes the protein molecules in their shells able to absorb anything except light, but the red color is not absorbed and reflected in it, when you see it while cooking it is red. To give a note, there is no information on whether or not the stigma feels pain.


I guess you are thoroughly curious now. Then let us briefly explain why the colors of the blood of the painters are blue. There are pigments that give blood its color. Thanks to these pigments, the blood turns red. There is an iron element in the blood of vertebrates, and this iron makes the blood red. In joint arms and mollusks, their blood is blue because it has a copper element instead of iron. Because they have a copper element instead of iron, their blood is blue rather than red.

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