"Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile on iPhone?"

“Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile on iPhone?”

Wrevealer is a Cydia tweak to find out Who Viewed you on WhatsApp on your iOS device. It will keep track of your WhatsApp Profile Visitors very accurately. You don’t need to do any magic as the app itself can figure out whats happening around your WhatsApp profile.

This is a Cydia tweak and you are supposed to jailbreak your iPhone to install this app. But you can still get this app from Cydia as you can Install Cydia on iPhone without jailbreak. If your device is already jailbroken, you can get it right away from the Cydia app.

Wrevealer app will note down who viewed your WhatsApp Profile or your WhatsApp Dp and it will also keep track of timings. It means that you can exactly know who viewed you on WhatsApp at a particular time.

Let’s first download the app and then you can check out the stats of your WhatsApp profile. If you don’t feel it is not working for you, you can use fmwhatsapp which will answer your question few other great features such as Hide Blue Ticks, Set Passwords to Chat Heads, Download Status Videos and Images.

Download Wrevealer for iPhone, iPad on iOS 13/12/11

Let’s first download and Install the Cydia app on your iOS devices and you can do that by jailbreaking and without jailbreaking as well. I recommend you don’t jailbreak, instead, follow this guide to install and setup Cydia.

  1. Open Cydia App on your iPhone, or iPad, or iPod Touch.
  2. Tap “Sources” tap on the Cydia app.
  3. Tap “Add Source” under sources menu.
  4. Add “http://cydia.wrevealer.comclick here or “http://cydia.myrepospace.com/WRevealer” without quotes.
  5. Come back to the Cydia app and choose the right file to install under the sources.
  6. Tap “Yes” if it asks you to Respring.
  7. Now, the app will be installed successfully on your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch).

Come back to the home screen of your iPhone to locate the app. In this case, you don’t need to trust the developer profile as in the case of TutuApp. Let’s move and find out the answer to the question Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile on iPhone?.

Check Who Viewed Your WhatsApp Profile on iPhone using Wrevealer

An important thing about this tweak is that it’s a paid one. You should pay few bucks to the developers to subscribe their service. You can do that right from the app itself or you can do that on the developer page.

Subscribing to the paid service is completely your choice, I am not at all recommending it. You can go for it if you would like to pay bucks to the developer. Skipping that topic, let’s see how it works.

  1. Open the app on your iPhone after you finish installing it.
  2. Sign in to the app by providing the login details.login to wrevealer
  3. Click “Search” to find out the phone numbers who are checking your WhatsApp profile.search phone numbers of who viewed my whatsapp profile on iphone
  4. Check out the Phone Number, Date, Time of the people Who Viewed My WhatsApp Profile on my iPhone. Now it’s your turns to find out your followers.phone numbers of my whatsapp followers
  5. Click on Menu to “Save Data“, “Logout“.save data from wrevealer
  6. Export is successful.export contacts from wrevealer ios app

That’s all about the tweak.

Now, you can check who is tracking your WhatsApp profile. There is one app called WhatsApp – Who Viewed Me? available for Android devices to track your WhatsApp followers for free.

How to Check WhatsApp Profile Visitors using Wrevealer (Cydia Tweak)

You need a little knowledge to install Wrevealer profile tracker for WhatsApp, and of course, we have provided the guidelines above. Now, it’s time to check who visited your WhatsApp profile; follow the instructions.

  1. Open the app on your iPhone or iPad and allow permissions like accessing microphone, accessing contacts, sending notifications, etc.
  2. Make sure you are connected to the internet; otherwise the app won’t count your WhatsApp Profile Visits.
  3. The advanced technology of the app works very fine by collaborating with WhatsApp, sends you notifications if somebody checks your profile.whatsapp profile visitors iphone
  4. Open up the app, refresh and check the complete list at once.

This is how you can keep an eye on the Profile Visitors of your WhatsApp Account. Comment down if you would like to ask us anything related to the topic.

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Wrapping Up

We don’t have a free app to do that job on iOS devices so far. Will update if there is any free tweak to get the job done in another article. Keep reading updated tricks and tweaks on TricksEmpire. Show your love by sharing this guide with your friends, Thank you.

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