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Week 9 [09.12-15.12.19] New financial crisis. Should we be afraid?

Who Does Your Blog Serve? The Secret to Sustainable Blogging


Who does Your Blog Serve?

In today’s video I take a look at two groups of people that a blog needs to benefit if it’s going to sustain itself for the long haul.

While many would argue that a blog’s readers are the ones that a blog needs to benefit the most – I think that there’s someone else that the blogger needs to consider providing for – themselves.

A balancing act needs to happen between benefiting blogger and reader in any good blog.

A blog that just provides for readers will burn out the blogger and a blog that provides only for the blogger will burn out it’s readership.

I regularly see blogs that do without the other.

Who does your blog serve?

Video length – 7.02 minutes

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