What’s this Black Friday?

Black Friday

The shopping spree is the first Friday since Thanksgiving, which was celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November, the shopping day that began on November 24th.

Black Friday, black friday, as the name suggests, is not related to us, the Turkish nation. But the globalized world makes such days celebrate dwelling even more.

So why did they call Friday a land, which comes after a sacred day, according to U.S. citizens. After all, Black Friday causes some negativity to come to life in mind.

And the reason for this is very simple. In fact, Black Friday didn’t have any names at first. On Friday, which has been considered the start of the Christmas shopping season since 1932, it was called Black Friday after 1961. But why? Here’s the answer.

Black Friday brought violence with it

Normally, on friday after Thanksgiving, u.S. grocery stores open their shutters early and continue to serve their customers until late. It’s always been like this. But then discount campaigns began to be added to this busy pace.

With the introduction of discount campaigns, the demand for shopping has increased. This increase in demand is starting to get too intense on Friday after Thanksgiving. So much so that in Philadelpihia in 1961, people couldn’t step through the intensity.

That year, when vehicles couldn’t move because of traffic and people from intensity crushed each other, the event was called Black Friday.


There are other countries besides America.

In fact, Black Friday was first celebrated in America. But then he began to celebrate this day in England and Canada. But what Britain and Canada call Black Friday is different from that of the United States.

The black friday event, which is generally in demand around the world, is the day of Black Friday, which is celebrated in the United States. On this day, the world’s leading retailers make significant discounts. Especially in America, some stores are in high demand by selling their products for the cost.

In recent years, some stores in our country have been doing various activities under the name of Black Friday. Of course, we can’t say that these events are as large as in America. However, it can be said that there are still more discounts than normal times.

We have not forgotten these images from Turkey yet.

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