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What to do for full lips at home? | exercises

How Do Lips Look Fuller?

Full lips of every woman are fictitious. What to do for full lips the question is very curious. If you want your lips to look fuller, you can do some exercises for this. You can see the fullness of your lips after a certain period of time, though not immediately as a result of your exercises. In addition to the exercises you will do, you can achieve lip fullness with makeup. You can make your lips look fuller with lipstick. To do this, first draw your lips with a pencil that is your lip color. Then apply the lipstick, which has a light shade. Then illuminate the middle of both your upper and lower lip with a white pencil. Finally, spread this whiteness on your lip with your finger and apply shine on it. This will make your lips look fuller.

Let us what to do for her full lips to the exercise section of our topic. Before doing these exercises, wash and rub your face and lips with warm then cold water. Stretch your lips first for the first exercise. Then open your mouth and quickly close your lips. After doing this movement, there will be a relief on your face. Move your lips to the right and left after feeling this relief. After that, try to slowly draw 8 with your lips. In our second exercise, stretch your lips and breathe deeply. While exhaling, exhale with the candle blowing movement. In our third exercise, fill your mouth with air. Your cheek is swollen. Then shrink your lips and slowly let the air out of your mouth.

Finally what to do for full lips In our exercise, say the letters a, o, u and e quickly. After saying these letters quickly, take a deep breath to inflate your cheeks. Finally, slowly exhale the air in your mouth. You can apply each of these exercises 10 times for the fuller lips. You can increase this number to 20 in a few months. It can be applied 2 to 3 times a week. It would be more useful to do certain days of the week regularly rather than constantly. After these procedures, you may see a certain fullness on your lips. If you want to make your lips plump, you can apply these exercises periodically.

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