What to Do After Retirement When You Like to Stay Busy

What to Do After Retirement When You Like to Stay Busy

Wondering what to do after retirement? Don’t worry—with these tips, you’ll be filling the monthly calendar like never before!

Retirement is a curious experience for most people. You spend so much time planning it, and when it finally arrives, you’re not exactly sure how to act. Sure, some people have a set plan. But not everybody knows where to go, how to live, or what to do after retirement.

And it’s okay if the only thing you know is that you want to stay busy. After all, you’ve been working and staying busy all your life. Why stop now?

The beauty is that you have the freedom to do what you want. All of those inner yearnings for travel or creativity have a chance to blossom. But, just like before, you need to draft a plan for your retirement years. So figure out what is important to you and then do it!

What to do after retirement: smart ideas for keeping busy 

Discover a new form of exercise

If you want to keep busy, you have to stay healthy. Plain and simple. That doesn’t mean you have to eat raw vegetables for breakfast and lift weights in your basement every hour. Instead, find a form of exercise you enjoy. Try to keep on a regular schedule (daily, if possible) and dedicate at least an hour for each session.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Yoga or Pilates
  • Morning walks 
  • Cycling or roller blading 
  • Swimming laps
  • Gardening or yard work

Scratch your aesthetic itch

Is there a book you’ve meant to write? Or possibly a still life painting you’ve wanted to get down on a canvas? Now is the time to dedicate your efforts toward an artistic endeavor.

But getting started isn’t any easier than it was before. Creating a piece of art takes motivation, time, and patience. So if it gives you a sense of pleasure, by all mean do it! Just don’t torture yourself. Take small steps and turn them into a daily habit. Eventually, you’ll master your creative muse.

Start a new business venture

Who said retirement is freedom from working? You may be the type of person who enjoyed going to work every day. If that’s the truth, then start a new business. Make that idea you’ve had in your head come to life.

Of course, you have to put together a thorough business plan and put aside a good amount of capital to get started. Either way, give yourself a solid year of planning instead of jumping into anything right away.

Travel to an exotic region

Everybody has that one place they would love to see. Paris, London, Tokyo, or even Fiji. By all means, you should absolutely travel and visit those places you’ve always wanted to experience.

But here is another idea: visit a place you never thought you would go. Somewhere exotic. A place that the Discovery Channel shows.

  • The mountainsides and small villages of Tibet
  • The Amazon Rainforest
  • Pearl Harbor
  • You see where we’re going with this? Try something different.

Make plans to visit friends and family

Trying to figure out what to do after retirement isn’t so hard. After all, you have family and friends to reconnect with. If there were one thing to do, this would be it.

Now that you have the time, it’s fulfilling to spend quality time with those you love and cherish. Plan your trips and visits in advance so you have something to look forward to throughout the year.

Join a cause you care about

Volunteers are always needed. That goes for non-profits, businesses, schools, farms, theater companies, and more. If you want to join a cause and help out, they will usually welcome you with open arms. If there’s an organization near you that does valuable work, take a few hours out of your busy schedule (that’s right!) and give them a hand.

Teach others what you’ve learned

This idea is a cross between starting a business, volunteering, and possibly scratching that creative itch. If you’ve become an expert in a certain field, seek out ways to teach younger people what you know.

Without certifications or certain degrees, it may be difficult to teach in a classroom setting. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t start an online course or even a workshop out of your home.

Move somewhere new and start over

Sometimes it’s best just to pick up and go somewhere else. Start over. Close one chapter and begin another. Why not? There are plenty of experiences yet to be had. Develop a plan to move and start thinking about the places you’d like to live (warmer weather perhaps?).

  • Move closer to your friends and family.
  • Choose an area with nice weather and friendly people. 
  • Make a two-year plan to sell your property and find a new home. 

Still wondering what to do after retirement? It’s simple: keep a daily structure and mix in fun along the way.

Overall, figuring out what you want to do after retirement doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s quite similar to working five days a week—create a structure for yourself and stick to it. Sometimes the freedom can be overwhelming, but once you start adding more to your plate, your near future will be a busy lifestyle.

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