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What Social Platform Works for You (and why?)

There have been so many changes to the social media landscape across the years, in fact an incredible amount of changes just in the last 12 months.

Where Twitter and forums used to reign supreme, you’ll find today’s bloggers fatigued with Facebook, confused about Snapchat, and getting their heads around the same capabilities, only over on Instagram.

With each blogger comes a specific set of circumstances and needs, and therefore successful social strategies will look different from person to person.

With “That Work” – SLG, for example, Facebook and Twitter still appear to be the most popular ways of sharing and engaging with our content (the new “That Work” – SLG Challenge Facebook Group is also growing). With my own lifestyle blog, it’s definitely Facebook (both a group and a page), and Instagram, with Snapchat bringing up the rear (I miss you, Twitter!).

Two different blogs, two different places to spend our time both promoting posts and interacting with readers. And success can depend on the time of day too, per platform.

With all the changes cycling through so fast we thought it would be fun to open up a discussion and informally poll our readers – where do you hang out online? What kind of blog do you have and what social platforms are the most successful for you? Is your audience on the platform you want to be on, or would you prefer to interact elsewhere? What works on your social channels?

Leave your comments below and let’s get chatting!

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