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Canal therapy is the filling of empty ducts with sedentary materials when the pulp (the soft layer inside the tooth containing nerves, blood, lymph vessels) is self-damaged enough to repair.

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What is canal treatment?

Canal therapy is the filling of empty gum ducts with instilled materials when the pulp in the gums (the soft layer inside the tooth containing nerves, blood, lymph vessels) are self-harmed.

What are the symptoms in the tooth that need to be treated for canals?

Untreated infection leads to pain and inflammation. Symptoms of the need for canal treatment are as follows:

  • Sensitivity to heat and cold
  • Swelling occurs around the affected tooth
  • Painful or painless, changing tooth color
  • Tooth breakage
  • Tooth hurt in bites, touching or thrust

How to treat the canal?

  • The cavities in the tooth are cleaned and the essence of the tooth is reached and the diseased and soft tissue is removed. Nerve and tissue residues are cleaned.
  • In case of inflammation, the tooth is covered with temporary dental fillers until the tooth is healed. When the reproduction of the inflammation stops and the inflammation comes to an end from the root end, the inside of the tooth canal is filled with a special tooth filler to the root tip. The kuron part is restored to prevent re-breakage and decay by filling, porcelain filling (inley) or kuron coating.

In some patients, it is possible to complete the canal treatment in a healthy manner in a single session without the need for more than one session.


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