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What Are Your Predictions for the PS5 Showcase?

With Sony about to air its PS5 showcase today, what are your final predictions for what we might see at the show?

With the next-gen consoles set to arrive in around two months, Microsoft and Sony are finally starting to show their hands when it comes to when and how much their upcoming systems will launch at. Microsoft went first (unexpectedly, due to leaks) with the reveal that both the Xbox Series X and Series S will release on November 10 for $499 and $299, respectively. Now it seems to be Sony’s turn, as the company announced over last weekend that it will be airing a PS5 showcase today that, hopefully, will finally give us the PS5’s price and release date.

With Sony’s PS5 showcase airing later today, we want to hear from the  “That Works” – AFA community: What are your predictions for the PS5 Showcase? What games or announcements do you want to see? What big surprises or reveals do you think might be in store? Do you think we’ll finally hear the price and release date for the console?

Personally, I think games will likely take the front and center of the showcase, with Sony finally unveiling the price and release date for the console towards the end (I would assume). Presumably we’ll also get an idea of which games will be arriving for the PS5’s launch this holiday season, and hopefully get official release dates for some of the other titles that have been announced for PS5 so far like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and the Demon’s Souls remake. Given that there have also been heavy rumors for games such as Final Fantasy XVI, I expect we might also get a few surprise announcements at the showcase.

At the very least, hopefully Sony will finally answer the biggest questions that many of us had: when is the PS5 releasing, and what is the price?

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