Days of the week in Spanish

Spanish Week Days Is time to learn about days of the week in Spanish. One of the first things you have to learn in Spanish is how to talk about the weekdays. In Spanish this is similar than in any other language, the next list help us to learn it.

If you are learning to speak Spanish language, Week is certainly one of the first things that you should learn. Unlike, other languages, week in Spanish is very easy to write and easy to pronounce. This section shows everything you need to learn in an appropriate way week in Spanish language.

Spanish Days of the Week

Days of the week
Monday lunes
Tuesday martes
Wednesday miércoles
Thursday jueves
Friday viernes
Saturday sábado
Sunday domingo


  • My favorite day of the week is Sunday.
  • Mi día favorito de la semana es el domingo.

  • My birthday is on Wednesday.
  • Mi cumpleaños es el miércoles.

  • My friends and I are going to the disco on Saturday.
  • Mis amigos y yo, iremos a la discoteca el sábado..

  • My dad will go to travel on Thursday.
  • Mi papa se ira de viaje el jueves.

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