Ways to convince people

You may think that some believers have a natural ability to convince, but in fact, there are communeative ways to win the person in front of you. So let’s talk about them in this article, whether there may be different psychological reasons other than these two stylish:

  • For people who disagree with you:

If there’s someone in your environment who disagrees with you, try to sit next to that person instead of sitting in front of that person, which will psychologically reduce that person’s opposition to you. You may even start to see it worth listening to your different opinion over a period of time, as you’re there for you.

  • For a person you want to get along with:

If you’re trying to communicate well with someone you want to get along well at work or in your friend environment, but you don’t meet very well, you can ask that person a question about him. The problem that needs to be considered here should not be about a person’s privacy. That kind of question could put you in a position to be repulsive. Instead, you can start the conversation by asking for your idea of the environment you are in. Research has shown that the two people are more likely to be close to each other than similar lyin’ to the common ones.

  • For general good communication:

If you want to be loved, talk to people who talk to you and even look at the color of the eye, because in the meantime, it shows you’re interested in that person with curiosity. But when you open that look with love, the person in front of you will think you like him. Or vice versa, when you look hard, you’re going to start thinking there’s going to be a danger. By setting the schedule well, you should be careful according ly in which position you want to keep the person.

  • To make you listen to:

Using the word of an important celebrity during your conversation makes the person in front of you take you seriously and shows that you are a researcher who reads it. In addition, especially as turkish society, as people of a culture that cares about his family and is raised by listening to the word of his parents, it will have the same important effect for the person in front of you when you share a sentence containing a life experience that your own parents say. And that person will feel as if his own parents said it, and he’ll take it and listen.

  • To get something done to your loved one:

In fact, if you want your wife to do something for you or get a present, even though it’s not that much of a matter of life and death. You can subconsciously subconsciously do what you want to take or do in different subjects (Subliminal). For example, there’s a ring you want to buy, and instead of asking for it directly, you can rekinden the subject with feelings about how a close friend’s wife took it and how happy she was. But the only example won’t be enough, and the next day you catch a scene from a film you’re watching to explain how much people the other side loves to get that ring in a different subject, which you’re talking about, there must be a scene like that or you may not be be be liable. This subconscious work also applies to men who can’t plan with their friends. You can see the subject that is processed very well and takes place without noticing the person’s memory in Will Smith’s “Focus.”

  • For people who want to convince you:

There’s something you don’t want to do, and if the person in front of you is trying to convince you of the matter, listen quietly and don’t have the gestures that endorse it. When one’s word is over, he will feel very uncomfortable because the lack of retalialate, i.e. both silence and gestures, and the lack of approval, will cast doubt on the subject and himself. You can also do this to the person you think is lying to, but this time instead of looking at it without expression, I’m not going to tell you, and I’m very serious, you can do it by looking at it long and not saying anything. The person who lies to you will know that you do not believe, and he will decide to speak and tell the truth. You can try this example especially on your children.

  • For people who don’t like you:

If you believe that someone doesn’t like you, ask that person to borrow something, of course, these must be small things, such as asking for your pen or asking for a book he reads, when you give back the book, when you share your opinion of the book, the person in front of you might start to think differently about you. And you’ll get to know you better.

  • People’sTo believe in ize:

When sharing a thought, you have to give examples of your own life so that a group can find you credible. Sharing only information doesn’t make you interesting, but sharing how you experience information in your life is both your credibility and intimacy and you’ll be able to attract people’s attention.

  • To convince your child:

Usually parents have a hard time getting their kids to do something and persuading them. In fact, the only thing the children oppose is that they think, “My parents don’t see me as an individual, they’re always giving me orders without asking my opinion.” They will be relieved by remembering that your children are independent of you and showing them the respect they want from you. Making them feel confident will lead them to take responsibility. For example, give him two options on something you want your child to do, but these two options are something your child should do both so he can get to your job. The fine point here is that you know that your child has an option and feel free to make you feel that he has made his own decision.

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