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Want Higher AdSense Click Values? Post Earlier in the Day

Reader-Quick-TipsH.S. Ayoub from BioHealth Investor submitted the following reader ‘quick tip’.

Here’s a quick tip for maximizing your revenue per click from Google Adsense ads on your blog.

My blog has been up for only 8 weeks, and already I have found a tactic that has increased my daily earnings since trying it.

Now of course, this may not work for everyone, I only have my blog to go on, but it should make a little difference.

I found that if you post an article on your blog very late at night, maybe at midnight or a little later, the revenue per click generated during the next day is higher, by almost 50%

Why? I thought about that question for a few days, and the best theory that I could come up with was that the advertisers with the highest per click budget show up on top of all the other ads early in the day, but their budget limit is reached quicker.

By the afternoon the higher paying ads shut off untill the next day, while the cheaper ads now show up on top of the ad block.

Again, this is just an observation on my part, not a thoroughly researched theory.

It would be interesting to see how others do with this tactic.

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