Utility Room in Spanish

Spanish Utilityroom Everybody has a utility room, and it is necessary that you know parts that compose it, and what better in another language like Spanish, learn the parts of the utility room in Spanish and expand your vocabulary.

You can also learn the parts of the house in Portuguese language; they are very similar to Spanish.

If you are improving your Spanish Vocabulary, then learning words related to utility room will be very useful for you. You will use these words when you want to repair something. In this section, you will find a list and some examples using these interesting words.

Utility Room

English Spanish
washing machine lavadora
dryer secadora
broom escoba
mop trapeador
vacuum aspiradora
dustpan recogedor
rags trapos
iron plancha
shelves estantes

  • Could you bring the mop and clean the kitchen?
  • Podrías traer el trapeador y limpiar la cocina.

  • The washing machine failure now how wash my clothes.
  • La lavadora se malogro ahora como lavo mi ropa.

  • I buy a vacuum cleaner last week.
  • Compré una aspiradora la semana pasada.

  • Where is the iron?, I have to iron my shirts
  • ¿Donde está la plancha?, tengo que planchar mis camisas.

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