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Travel Blogging

Today is day 12 in the 12 days of Christmas Series – but it’s not over yet (it looks like it’ll be a 15 days of Christmas series instead. Today Melissa Petri shares with us about Travel Blogging. I’ll let her introduce herself.

My name is Melissa Petri and I write Europe String – Travelling Europe on a Budget. Architecture may have been my initial vocation but I have earned my PhD in packing light and choosing the best hotels through years of practice. I am an expatriate in Germany; and count the USA, Hong Kong, China and Korea in my adoptive land list. Now that I have grown roots in Frankfurt, I have yet to give up my semi-nomadic life as I continue to traipse around the world for business and leisure.

Since I am perpetually on the go, you can expect Europe String updates to be researched first-hand. I have been known to go inside restaurants to interrogate the staff. I have also been known to listen to other tourists in cafes, trying to glean more insider information from unsuspecting yet reliable travel resources. Chutzpah and wanderlust go hand-in-hand to fill my head with information to share. Different travel information which are shared with 2 other travel blogs, are the by-products. Over at Escape Blog, I make sure that readers know that “getting there is only part of the equation, making sure you don’t piss off the locals is where the excitement begins.” And at Flyaway-Weblog, readers are informed about the current deals and the ins and outs of travelling.

Yes, I regularly write for 3 travel blogs. Note that when travelling, you will NEVER be worried about blogger’s block. A day’s worth of experience is blog fodder enough for the whole week. There are so many things to discuss that you will find yourself with even more information long after you have gone back home and started working on your desk.

What exactly can you write about?

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