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Time in Spanish


Spanish Time

Tell the time in Spanish is more simple that English, because one must know the verbs Ser and Estar and the numbers in Spanish.

People must learn time expression as basic Spanish vocabulary; these words will allow them to speak fluently about time and structure question to ask anyone for the hour. Spanish time is not as complex as other topics, most words are very simple to pronounce and use, after you learn Spanish time, you will be able to read and write about time in Spanish-speaking countries. Spanish time is the beginning of more complex topics in Spanish vocabulary.

Time Elements:

Hour Hora
Minute Minuto
Second Segundo

What time is it? – (¿Qué hora es?)


1:00Es la una
2:00Son las dos
2:15Son las dos y cuarto
2:20Son las dos y veinte
2:30Son las dos y media
2:40Son veinte para las tres
2:45Es cuarto para las tres
2:55Es cinco para las tres
3:00Son las tres
3:28Son las tres y veintiocho


  • It’s seven o’clock.
  • Son las siete en punto.
  • It’s quarter to two.
  • Es cuarto para las dos.
  • It’s twenty past six.
  • Son las seis y veinte.

Spanish Time videos

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