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Week 9 [09.12-15.12.19] New financial crisis. Should we be afraid?

Taughnee’s Start Up Tips

Taughnee Stone continues to write about her experiences of starting a new blog – the Alaska Blog which continues to grow after just 12 days of existence. Interestingly she’s chosen to use Blog Explosion to drive traffic to her site. This is not a method I’ve tried as my initial exposure to it left me feeling it was not a wise move. As Taughnee writes – the traffic that comes is not really interested in your blog – they are directed to it as part of a program to build up their own blog’s traffic. To me this is a rather ’empty’ approach which means the stats you end up with are quite meaningless.

However as I read Taughnee’s post I realized that perhaps in the start up phase of a new blog that this type of traffic might actually have some use. You see Taughnee writes that as a result of this traffic a small number of those who surfed in have linked to her. One would think that a small percentage would become regular loyal readers also. So perhaps it’s not a complete waste of time (although I would still avoid it as I’ve had feedback from a couple of bloggers that it’s a waste of time).

Anyway whilst I would suggest caution with Blog Explosion – Taughnee’s post has some interesting stuff in it from a blogger in start up mode. Hopefully it helps some.

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