Spanish Subordinating Conjuctions

Definition: Spanish subordinating conjunction is a word that aims to join together two clauses, a dependent and an independent clause. Subordinating conjunctions in Spanish language are specially used to join two sentences when one of them is depending on the other.

Spanish Subordinating Conjuction

Some of the most important subordinating conjunctions are::

Spanish English
a condición de que on the condition that
a fin de que so that
a menos que unless
antes (de) que before
aunque although, though
bien que even though
como as, since
con tal (de) que provided that, as long as
cuando when
mientras que provided that, as long as
para que so that
por miedo de que for fear that
porque because
pues as
puesto que since
que that
si if
sin que without
siempre que provided that, as long as
tan pronto como as soon as
ya que since
en caso de que in case
en vista de que in view of the fact that
luego therefore
hasta que until
debido a because of
en tanto que while
como si as if, as though
para que no lest
por que why
si bien although, even though

  • This is the restaurant that I told you about.
  • Este es el restaurante del que te hablé.
In this example, the subordinating conjunction "que" introduces the sentence "te hablé" that depends on the first sentence "este es el restaurante".

More examples
  • He is intelligent although he is somewhat lazy.
  • Él es inteligente aunque algo holgazán

  • I said that I was boring.
  • Yo dije que estaba aburrido.

  • I will cry when I see you.
  • Llorare cuando te vea.

  • I will insist, until she call me
  • Insistiré hasta que ella me llame.

  • As soon as I went out, the phone started rang
  • Tan pronto salí, el teléfono comenzó a sonar.

  • He did not wear his coat, so he is now sick.
  • No uso su abrigo, así que ahora está enfermo.

  • I think, therefore I am.
  • Pienso, luego existo.

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