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Spanish Subordinate Conjunctions


Definition: A subordinate conjunction in Spanish language is a clause that has one subordinating conjunction, like que (that) followed of a complement that not have own sense depending completely of the main clause.

Spanish Subordinate Conjunction

A subordinate clause, in Spanish language, is a group of words that contains a subject and verb that is dependent on a main clause. Some of the most common subordinate conjunctions are:

on the condition thata condición de que
so that, in order thata fin de que
unlessa menos que
in spite ofa pesar de que
beforeantes (de) que
both …. andasí …. como
even ifaun cuando
even, stillaun
so that, in such a manner asde suerte que
sincedesde que
afterdespués (de) que
yet, however, notwithstandingaun
in caseen caso (de) que
as soon asen cuanto


  • I doubt that he loves me.
  • Dudo que me ame.
  • I am writing to you so you help me.
  • Te escribo para que me ayudes.
  • I do not write unless you call me.
  • No escribo a menos que me llames.

Spanish Subordinate
 conjunction is a very interesting topic that will help us to understand better this amazing language. In addition, it also will be helpful to understand other languages like Portuguese.

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