Spanish Subordinate Conjunctions

Definition: A subordinate conjunction in Spanish language is a clause that has one subordinating conjunction, like que (that) followed of a complement that not have own sense depending completely of the main clause.

Spanish Subordinate Conjunction

A subordinate clause, in Spanish language, is a group of words that contains a subject and verb that is dependent on a main clause. Some of the most common subordinate conjunctions are:

English Spanish
on the condition that a condición de que
so that, in order that a fin de que
unless a menos que
in spite of a pesar de que
before antes (de) que
both .... and así .... como
even if aun cuando
even, still aun

English Spanish
so that, in such a manner as de suerte que
since desde que
after después (de) que
where donde
and e
yet, however, notwithstanding aun
in case en caso (de) que
as soon as en cuanto

  • I doubt that he loves me.
  • Dudo que me ame.

  • I am writing to you so you help me.
  • Te escribo para que me ayudes.

  • I do not write unless you call me.
  • No escribo a menos que me llames.

Spanish Subordinate
conjunction is a very interesting topic that will help us to understand better this amazing language. In addition, it also will be helpful to understand other languages like Portuguese.

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