Subjunctive with Conjunctions

The verbs to doubt (dudar) and to deny (negar) take the subjunctive when they are affirmative, but not when they are negative.

Spanish Subjunctive with Conjuctions

  • I doubt he'll come.
  • Dudo que venga.

  • I don't doubt that he'll come.
  • No dudo que viene.

Conjunctions of Time

Take the indicative when the action in the subordinate clause is either habitual or in the past. The subjunctive is used when the main clause is a command or in the (potential) future:

English Spanish
as soon as así que
when cuando
after después de que
as soon as en cuanto
until hasta que
as soon as luego que
as soon as tan pronto como

  • I worked until my kids called.
  • Trabajé hasta que mis niños me llamaron.

  • I (usually) work until my kids call.
  • Trabajo hasta que mis niños me llaman.

Others Conjunctions Which Require The Subjunctive

The Spanish subjunctive is required after a number of common conjugations and relative pronouns, whereas its usage is optional after others.

English Spanish
on the condition that a condición de que
so that a fin de que
unless a menos que
before antes (de) que
provided that con tal (de) que

The Spanish subjunctive is an important item in Spanish grammar and also is used for other language as Portuguese for this, if you can learn other language, you should learn Portuguese grammar that are will more easy for you.

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