Spanish Subjunctive

Definition: Spanish subjunctive is a mood because it doesn't deal with factual reality that isn't concrete what someone wants to happen or what might happen but with opinions, wishing, feelings, supposed, doubted, dreams and speculation.

Subjunctive in Spanish

Verbs or Expression for will or want

Which express an order, a need, a piece of advice, or a desire.

English Spanish
to advise aconsejar que
to tell decir que
to let, allow dejar que
to desire that desear que
it's time that es hora que
it is important that es importante que
it is necessary that es necesario que
to hope that esperar que
it is necessary that es preciso que
to avoid evitar que
to demand that exigir que

Verbs or Expression for emotion or feeling

Which indicate fear, happiness, anger, regret, surprise, or other sentiments or biases.

English Spanish
to be happy that alegrarse de que
it's good that es bueno que
it's convenient that es conveniente que
it's hard es difícil que
it's strange that es extraño que
it's easy es fácil que
it's incredible that es increíble que
it's interesting that es interesante

Verbs or Expression for doubt, possibility, opinion

English Spanish
to appear, seem that aparecer que
to hate detestar que
to doubt dudar que
it is doubtful that es dudoso que
it is impossible that es imposible que
it is improbable that es improbable que
it is possible that es posible que
it is probable that es probable que
to deny negar que

  • Busco un libro que me interese (It may not exist = doubt)

  • Busco el libro que estaba leyendo (I know it exists = no doubt)

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