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Spanish Stores


Spanish Stores Parts

Improve your Spanish vocabulary with the different types of stores in Spanish. It’s necessary when you want to go to any store to ask for it.

Shopping is a funny activity that everybody likes, and you will realize that learn the basic Spanish vocabulary about stores and shops will help you make this activity the best, if you travel to any Spanish-speaking country. Each kind of store and shop have a proper name in Spanish language, you will soon notice that these new Spanish words are not complicated to learn.

Stores and Shops in Spanish

grocery storetienda de alimentos
outdoor marketmercado
pastry shoppastelería
candy storeconfitería
fish marketpescadería
dry cleanertintorería
clothing storetienda de ropas
coffee shopcafetería
butcher shopcarnicería
hardware storeferretería
flower shopflorería
jewelry shopjoyería
toy shopjuguetería
vegetable marketverdulería
shoe storezapatería
ice-cream parlorheladería


  • She went to the bakery.
  • Ella fue a la panadería.
  • Her suit is in the dry cleaner.
  • Su traje está en la tintorería.
  • I have to go to the pharmacy because I feel sick.
  • Tengo que ir a la farmacia porque me siento enfermo.

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