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Spanish Verb Conjugation


Spanish verb conjugation provides a complete list of verbs and their correct conjugation of all existing Spanish verbs, both the Spanish regular verbs and Spanish irregular verbs.

Spnaish Verbs are definitely one of the most important items in people’s language learning process.

Although, learning verbs in Spanish is considered as one of the most important and of course difficult area of learning Spanish, this section will how you that that is not completely true. Here you will find a complete list with the most used verbs in Spanish language.

This is a useful tool for conjugate any Spanish verb. Enter the Infinitive Form of the verb; it must end with -ar, -er, or -ir.


More Popular Spanish Verbs Conjugation

Regular Verbs:
hablar (speak)
comer (eat)
vivir (live)
lavar (wash)
saltar (jump)
cantar (sing)
caminar (walk)
amar (love)

Grammatical Verbs:
ser (to be)
estar (to be)
ir (go)
haber (have)

Common Irregular Verbs
andar (walk)
dar (give)
decir (say)
dormir (sleep)
tener (have)
saber (know)
ver (see)
sentir (feel)

Strange Verbs
caber (fit)
oler (smell)
prohibir (forbid)

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