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Spanish Music


Spanish Music

Spanish Music is music in Spanish language and has great part of your origin in Spain and Latin America. Music of Spain is a fundamental part of culture and folklore of the country including the different styles developed in the history.

After some time, Latin America learned the music concept, this doesn’t mean that Latin American music didn’t exist, the native music clearly exist; but with the Spanish influence, this produced a fusion of cultures, which gave birth several genders of music that were given with the passing of years, until present. Giving birth to great singers and bands in different styles along the time. A good way to learn Spanish is listen to Spanish music. It helps you to learn the pronunciation and to know new words.

Popular Genres of Music in Spanish

Salsa Music

The Salsa Music is one of the most important genre of music in the world, considered as an amalgamation of different musical styles such as Jazz and Rock. This beautiful gender, with its rhythm and lyrics, represent Latin American culture and its customs. While it is true that salsa has existed for a long time, modern salsa became worldwide know in New York in the 60s and 70s.

Tango Music

The tango is the most representative musical genre of Argentina. Tango has as main features sensuality and elegance.

Bolero Music

The bolero is a music genre originating in Cuba and developed in almost all Latin American countries such as Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Costa Rica, Chile and Venezuela.

Cumbia Music

The Cumbia is a beautiful musical rhythm that was born in the Caribbean coast of Colombia. Nowadays, Cumbia is known in all over the world and is considered as one of the most important rhythms.

Flamenco Music

The flamenco is a beautiful musical genre and dance that was originated in Andalusia in the century XVIII mainly based on the Andalusian music and dance

Ranchera Music

Ranchera is other genre of music very popular in Mexico. Its origins date from the XIX century, but were developed at the National Theatre of post-revolutionary period of 1910 and became the icon of popular expression in Mexico.

Pop Music

Pop is one of the most important music genres in the world. Pop is mainly oriented a youth market and consist of simple songs and technological innovations that produces beautiful melodies. While it is true that pop was influenced by many genres, it is believe that Rock was the most important.

Rock Music

Spanish rock began around 1950 and 1960, with lots of bands that interpreted in Spanish the greatest hits of American rock and roll. Rock music has a lot of influence from British Rock and American Rock.

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