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Spanish Literature


Spanish Literature

When people talks about Spanish literature, they don’t know how to begin because Spanish literature have a lot of authors.

We can begin talking about the most famous Spanish poemCantar de Mío Cid (wrote in 12th century), it talks about the life of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, a national hero, named as Cid Campeador.

The epic poems from the 13th century were very popular in many provinces of the Iberian Peninsula. The priest Gonzalo de Berceo was the first Spanish poet; King Alonso X also was a writer of Castilian prose and he has many works translated to Spanish.

There are many important Spanish writers in the 14th century such as:

  • López de Ayala, who wrote Rimado de palacio a satirical poem about their customs,
  • Fán Pérez Guzmán, who wrote Generaciones y Semblanzas,
  • The prince Don Juan Manuel, who was the nephew of King Alfonso X and wrote Libro de los ejemplos del conde Lucanor y de Patronio, and
  • Juan Ruíz, who was a Satirical poet.

In the first half of the 15th century, there were two important poets Juan de Mena and el marqués de Santillana; they wrote poems with a strong Italian influence. These poems are very important in the Spanish verses that help it to grow into the folk, but it weren’t assimilated in the Spanish letters for the next centuries. Fernando de Rojas wrote the novel La Celestina in 1499 that was the outstanding prose work.

Spanish Poems

Soneto IIPablo Neruda
Poema 1Pablo Neruda
Poema 12Pablo Neruda
Poema 20Pablo Neruda
Poema del FracasoJosé Ángel Buesa
Poesía del Amor ImposibleJosé Ángel Buesa
Mi Corazón se Siente SatisfechoJosé Ángel Buesa
A Phocás, el CampesinoRubén Darío
El Soneto de Trece VersosRubén Darío
VenusRubén Darío
Te quieroMario Benedetti
Hoy Tu Tiempo es RealMario Benedetti
Y si Dios Fuera MujerMario Benedetti

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