Probably the best cuisine around the world is the Spanish food that has a variety of dishes with around of thousands of recipes and flavors: from starters, tapas, fish and typical dishes as well as the cakes and pies. But they are strongly influenced by seafood because the majority of countries are surrounded by water. For example the snacks into Mediterranean cuisine are a typical food which is served before the main meal.

We have selected the most delicious Spanish recipes, you'll really enjoy cooking with your own hands. Find all the improvements Spanish recipes with their main ingredients, step by step instructions, illustrative photos and videos.

Mediterranean diet for heart health

The Mediterranean diet traditionally includes fruits, vegetables and grains. Eggplant, lentils, green beans and chickpeas are major components of this healthy food. However, throughout the Mediterranean region, bread is eaten plain or dipped in olive oil.

Choose Mediterranean Greens and Grains for Magnesium

To get more of this mineral, include green leafy vegetables, whole grains and beans. Bananas, avocados and fish are also a good foods high in Magnesium source. A higher intake of this mineral also reduced the risk of developing individual elements of the Metabolic Syndrome and was linked to lower fasting blood levels of insulin.

Spanish Recipes & Food

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