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Select Best Chests Rewards, Strategy Guide and Tricks.

1.) Any kind of chest that can be opened immediately, preferably a Golden Chest or any RARE chest

2.) Run 2 or More King Rivals Apps simultaneously with the same  login account.

It can be a mix of emulator or  physical devices, it doesn’t matter as long as it it has the
same login account.

Open the Chest for each  King Rival Apps running

Every Chests opening won’t have the same cards, so carefully select the best chest rewards or card set you want and may close the other apps.

For example in the video above, I choose the 1st emulator since it has the wind rider card.

Although the 2nd emulator has also a good set of cards but I don’t need them so I choose the 1st emulator.

The last thing you need to do once you select the chosen emulator or physical device 

is to save it’s progress by doing anything that requires the king rivals server to save.

Examples are collecting coins/gems finishing any matches, upgrading troops or any new addition to your  account.

That will be your new account progress and you can load it to your other king rivals app by loading it when the games ask you if you want to load the latest account or you can also clear data/reinstall and relogin your account.

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