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Pronouncing The Spanish RR


Did you know that the letter R in Spanish is often written RR and it has the sound most unlike any sound we have in English?. In this section you will find useful information, which will help you to pronounce this letter. Difficulty: EASY Time Required: about 10 minutes. Here’s How:

  • It is important to remember that in Spanish there are two R sounds: the first is of course the single R, which is the most common, and the second is the double R or RR also used in many words. .
  • Remember that the sound of the single R is commonly used when the single R appears in a word. However, there are some exceptions, for example: after an L, N or S and when it is at the beginning of a word. In these cases, sound like double R
  • Remember also that sometimes RR is considered as a separate letter of the Spanish alphabet.
  • Remember that Spanish R and RR do not share the distinctive R sound as in English. So, it is advisable to think that R and RR are two completely different letters
  • Remember that the correct way to pronounce RR is by a flapping of the tongue against the front roof of the mouth.
  • Try to visualize the front of your tongue as a flag flapping.
  • Now you must try purring like a cat. Do you hear the sound? Well, this is approximately the RR sound.
  • Another good exercise is simulating the sound of a revving-up motor.
  • As these exercises, you can find a large number of other exercises that will help you to pronounce correctly the letter R and RR

Some Important Tips:

  • It is advisable to try to imitate the R sound listening Spanish music or taking with native speakers.
  • Do not try to compare the English R with the Spanish R, because they have completely different pronunciations.

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