Roblox Meep City Gameplay - Fidget Spinner Chest in my house / Short Tutorial on how to make a four scoop Icecream

Roblox Meep City Gameplay – Fidget Spinner Chest in my house / Short Tutorial on how to make a four scoop Icecream

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Roblox Meep City By alexnewtron

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Roblox – About Meep City
The main purpose of the game is being a social or roleplay hangout. This means buying items or playing games is completely optional. There is a currency called coins. Coins are used to customize your house, buy and customize your pet Meep, or buying fishing rods. In order to obtain coins, you can: – Sell fish, which is obtained by fishing. – Play games, such as the minigame in the Pizza Shack (currently closed) or Star Ball. – Stay on the game for a period of time.

Fishing is a way to get coins. There are fishing areas on The Playground or The Neighborhood. Fishing areas have a source of water and multiple piers.

The Playground is the area you first spawn in when you join a server. In addition, The Playground is the main hub to go to different locations in MeepCity (i.e The Neighborhood, The Plaza, and Town). The Playground has two fishing areas, two morphs (Teen and Kid), Parties portal, Pet Shop, Furniture store, Toys Stand, Home Improvement store, and several benches to sit on.

The Pet Shop is where you adopt Meeps, buy Meep-related items, and sell your fish (obtained by fishing).

Meeps are sold for 500 Coins and you can only buy one Meep. When choosing a Meep, you can choose what will be the Meep’s name and which color you want your Meep to be.

Pet Shop: Cat Ears (50 Coins), Deluxe Game Headset (300 Coins), Hungry Dino (80 Coins), Strawberry Ice Cream Hair (120 Coins), Bandit (200 Coins), …

Meep furniture – Meep Toys: Meep Bed: Your Meep will sleep on it when nearby. (100 Coins), Meep House: Your Meep will sleep in it when nearby. (150 Coins), Litter Box: Your Meep will use it, reading a newspaper as well, when nearby. (200 Coins).

Fishing rods you can use are: Bamboo Rod (150 Coins), Hardwood Rod (350 Coins),…

Furniture Store is where you buy furniture or decorations for your house.
Buy from the Entertainment category: Boombox (100 Coins), Plasma Flatscreen TV (550 Coins), Widescreen TV (300 Coins), Hot Tub (550 Coins), Dumbbells (450 Coins),…

Buy from the Kitchen category: Wooden Dining Chair (100 Coins), Wooden Counter (200 Coins), Wooden Sink (150 Coins), …

Buy from the Living Room Category: Small Cushion Chair (100 Coins), Tall Cushion Chair (200 Coins), Ball Chair (300 Coins),…

Buy from the Bedroom Category: L Cabinets (300 Coins), Small Dressers (200 Coins), Square Art (300 Coins), Wooden Nightstand (100 Coins), Bookshelf (200 Coins), …

Buy from the Bathroom Category: Toilet (100 Coins), Bathroom Sink (100 Coins), Small Mirror (70 Coins), …

Buy from the Party Essentials Category: Rope Blocker (150 Coins), Dance Floor (200 Coins), Big Dance Floor (400 Coins),Pizza Server (500 Coins).

Buy from the Other Category: AlbertsStuff Poster (30 Coins), Yammy Xox Poster (30 Coins), DanTDM Poster (30 Coins),…

Home Improvement Store is where you can change the exterior or interior of your house. You are given four available categories: Paint, Wallpaper, Blueprints (Changes the structure of your house), Flooring.

Buy from the Paint category (note that each paint color costs 100 coins): Toothpaste, Pink, Really Blue, Really Red, Black, Alder, Cyan, Lily White, Magenta, Mint, Bright Green, Bright Yellow, Maroon, Violet, Smoky Grey and Bright Orange Paint, Brown Paint.

Buy from the Wallpaper category (note that each wallpaper costs 100 coins): Clouds, Inverted Polka Dots, Pink Stripes, Black Polka Dots, …

Here are the things you can buy from the Blueprints category: Party Estate (ROBUX400), Estate Tier 2 (500 Coins), Estate Tier 3 (2,500 Coins).

Here are the things you can buy from the Flooring category: Tile Floor (200 Coins), Flint Carpet (100 Coins), Red Carpet (100 Coins), Pastel Blue Wood Planks (100 Coins), Blue Diamond Tile (100 Coins), …

Toys Stand is where you can buy toys to equip them. Toys change your style of walking and make you look unique. Here is a list of toys available: Big Wheel (ROBUX350), Scooter (1,000 Coins), Unicycle (ROBUX200), Rollerskates (ROBUX80), Pogo Stick (ROBUX400).

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Roblox MeepCity Gameplay / KawaiiChloeLim July 2017 Gamelog / SLG Channel

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