In this video, I played Roblox Cocoa 2 [ALPHA]! I got to be Cocoa and I will also show you how to escape from the new Chapter The Forest Map! It’s basically a Piggy / Granny type of game but Instead of Piggy (Peppa Pig) it’s Cocoa or Coconut characters in this game! It is a survival horror game, Each round, players are given the role of survivor or Killer / Cocoa / Traitor. The objective of the survivors is to find keys and items to unlock the main EXIT and  escape before the timer runs out, while avoiding the Killer Cocoa or Traitor. The objective of Cocoa or Traitor is to kill every survivor to prevent them from unlocking the exit and escaping. The players must avoid the Cocoa or Traitor, and preferably, the traps it places. Players can’t die to traps, but they will be stunned for a certain amount of time, the time depends on the trap. Keys and items can be found throughout the map. Players can only carry one item at a time. If a player tries to grab another item while already carrying one, the player will swap the item they are currently holding in their inventory with the new one. If a player dies while carrying an item; the item will then be taken from their inventory and spawn back into the map for other survivors to pick up.

The game seems to auto select the Mode of the game, sometimes it’s Traitor mode and sometimes it is Cocoa Killer mode! For Traitor Mode, one of the players will have a knife and will still look like your actual roblox self and not appear as the Killer Cocoa. You can sneak up to other players and kill them.

There is currently only one chapter in this game: Chapter 1 – The Forest!

— Use these time point to skip to the section in the video:

0:02:09 I’m the Killer COCOA!

0:05:42 Now for second Round of the Forest map and show you how to unlock everything and Escape!

0:06:30 Red key for this door! 

0:07:18 Wrench for this power panel near this pit area! REMEMBER NOT TO JUMP DOWN! You need a plank to be able to get back up!

0:08:46 Orange key for this door inside this house!

0:08:49 The hammer is needed in three places!

0:09:19 First place to use the hammer!

0:09:38 Second place to use the hammer – blue door!

0:10:29 This code is for the EXIT!

0:12:19 Purple key for this door!

0:12:27 Green key for the door right across the room!

0:12:33 This board is for the pit near the Power Panel!

0:13:08 Now we can get the white key and get back out! Without the board you can’t get back out!

0:13:29 I still need the hammer before I can use the white key!

0:14:29 Used the hammer then the white key! I escaped!

— About Roblox Cocoa 2 [ALPHA]


🎁Welcome to cocoa 2! The sequal to cocoa! Collect crates, play the new game modes, maps, etc, And unlock new skins!🎁

Recent Updates

🕹 – Game has been released!

Roblox Cocoa 2 [ALPHA] Created 3/18/2020, Updated 7/25/2020, Max Players 5, Genre Horror. (Online Multiplayer Game, Cocoa, Cocoa 2, NEW Chapter, How to escape)

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Roblox Cocoa 2 Gameplay / Chloe Lim August 2020 Gamelog / #Cocoa2 / #HowToEscape / #NewChapter

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