Spanish Restaurant

Spanish Restaurant You will learn on this section the vocabulary that people use in a restaurant in Spanish language, because this information is necessary when you go restaurant.

If you want learn another language, we recommend that you should learn the restaurant vocabulary in Portuguese language.

If you want to taste some exotic and delicious dish in any renowned Latin American restaurant, then there are some important things that you can learn before. As any language, restaurants have their own special vocabulary, if you are interested to learn the most common phrases to not have an embarrassing moment in a restaurant, in this section you will find useful information.

Restaurant Parts in Spanish

Restaurant Vocabulary
waitress mesero, mesera
table mesa
check cuenta
bill cuenta
menú menú
set menú menú del día
saucer platillo
tip propina
credit card tarjeta de crédito
appetizer aperitivo
lunch almuerzo
sugar azúcar
dinner cena
poon cuchara
teaspoon cucharita
breakfast desayuno
salad ensalada
ice hielo
eggs huevos
bread pan
pepper pimienta
plate plato
dessert postre
salt sal
sauce salsa
sandwich sándwich
napkin servilleta
chair silla
soup sopa
fork tenedor
cake torta
glass vaso
Useful Phrases
What is included? ¿Qué está incluido?
Does it come with salad? ¿Viene con ensalada?
What is the soup of the day? ¿Cuál es la sopa del día?
What do you recommend? ¿Qué me recomienda?
The bill, please. La cuenta, por favor.
That was delicious. Estuvo delicioso.
Where is there a good restaurant? ¿Dónde hay un buen restaurante?
I'd like to reserve a table for two. Quisiera reservar una mesa para dos.

  • Waiter, a table please
  • Mozo, por favor una mesa.

  • Which is the menú today?
  • ¿Cuál es el menú de hoy?

  • Brings the dessert please.
  • Nos trae el postre por favor.

  • Pass me a napkin please.
  • Me pasas la servilleta por favor.

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