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Resident Evil Netflix Series Plot Details May Have Been Revealed

While little is known about the series just yet, some info may point to the plot and setting of the upcoming Resident Evil Netflix series.

If there is anything that we’ve known in the past few years, it’s that it has been a good time to be a Resident Evil fan. Between RE7, RE2, and the upcoming remake of RE3 and its online Resistance mode, the series has reached an all-time high, especially with the upcoming TV adaptation of the franchise in the works from Netflix. While we don’t know a ton officially about the series just yet, it appears that some details on the series from Netflix’s official channels could hint at what fans will see from the gestating Resident Evil TV series.

Found by Resident Evil DB (Twitter), a description for the upcoming Resident Evil TV series made its way onto Netflix’s Media Center website, which typically features press releases and other information on its upcoming projects and shows for media outlets. The original description has since been taken down from the Netflix page, but can still be viewed through an archive on the Wayback Machine:


According to the description, the setting of the Netflix Resident Evil series will take place in the town of Clearfield, MD, and that the show will seemingly revolve somewhere around Washington, DC and two other locations — the series’ infamous Umbrella Corporation and the “decommissioned Greenwood Asylum.” The description from Netflix’s Media Center also explains that the series seemingly will take place “twenty-six years after the discovery of the T-Virus,” and that secrets held at those three central locations will “start to be revealed at the first signs of outbreak.”

Earlier this week, it was reported that production of the upcoming series from Netflix would begin sometime this summer in South Africa, and potentially hinted that the first season of the series would run for eight episodes, much like Netflix’s recently-released first season of The Witcher. Though these details are entirely unconfirmed and not official from Netflix, many of the details seem to line up with the initial information that we knew of the Resident Evil TV series when it was first reported to be in development early last year.

Details on the show itself are still incredibly vague at this point, but if the synopsis copy from Netflix is anything to go off of, it at least points to some interesting possibilities of where Netflix could be taking its adaptation of the long-running video game franchise. Of course, the biggest things to note are the setting of “Clearview, MD,” which would potentially eliminate the show being set somewhere familiar to RE fans like Raccoon City or the Spencer Mansion. The description also points to the fact that the show will seemingly be an original story set in the universe of Resident Evil rather than a direct adaptation of any of the games, like the RE film franchise. However, hopefully Netflix will take some lessons from the film’s weaknesses to know how to incorporate some of the series’ best attributes to pique the interest of fans.

Given the success that the streaming platform has had with the first season of The Witcher — which is already set to begin production soon on its second season — and its acclaimed Castlevania series, it’s no surprise that Netflix might turn again to the well of making a series that will appeal to audiences that love video games. Resident Evil is surely a perfect candidate, and hopefully we’ll know more details on the upcoming series sometime in the future, especially with the Resident Evil 3 remake on the horizon in the coming months.

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