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Pronouncing The Spanish R


The letter R in Spanish language is not difficult to pronounce, however it can cause some problems especially for those English speakers.
Difficulty:VERY EASY Time Required: Approximately15 minutes Here’s How:

  • It is important to remember that there are two R sounds in Spanish: the single “R” and the double “RR” sound.
  • Remember that the single R sound is used whenever the single R appears in a word, and the RR is only used when it’s at the beginning of a word or after an L, N or S.
  • Remember that the letter R in Spanish does not have the distinctive R sound as in English. So, it is advisable to think of it as a separate letter entirely.
  • Keep in mind that the pronunciation of R is with a single flap of our tongue against the roof of mouth
  • A well known exercise to pronounce the letter R is trying to say the following words: peddo, poddah, coddah, rapidly with the accent on the first syllable
  • The last exercise is to help to pronounce the Spanish words ‘pero’ (but), ‘para’ (for) and ‘cara’ (face).
  • It is important to remember that in English many words that have T or TT between vowels have the same sound, which is different than the T in ‘today.’ Examples are ‘cattle,’ ‘bitter,’ and ‘attic.’
  • You may improve your Spanish skills repeating again and again words that contain the letter R.
  • Following these recommendations, you are ready to pronounce R and RR without any problem..

Useful Notes:

  • As we said earlier, it is advisable imitate the sound of the letter R listening music and watching Spanish videos.
  • Remember that R in English y completely different than R in Spanish…

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