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PS5 Neptunia Entry Go!Go!5 Jigen Game Neptune re★Verse Announced

As someone who followed the Neptunia series since its birth, I cannot wait for the series to reach Sony’s latest technological chef-d’œuvre of gaming.

Through a video announcement on YouTube, Compile Heart President Norihisa Kochiwa announced on August 19 the first PS5 Neptunia game: Go!Go!5 Jigen Game Neptune re★Verse. It’s also the very first game by Compile Heart and Idea Factory on PS5. Nothing else was revealed, and the game will be properly disclosed this September.

This isn’t surprising. Compile Heart previously teased it’s working on at least one PS5 game. Moreover, on August 18, the studio had announced on Twitter that a new Neptunia game would be announced on PS5  via YouTube, on August 19. We do cover announcements of announcements on “That Works” – AFA, but time didn’t permit me to take over that one.

You can find the announcement video right below.

Neptunia PS5: Go!Go!5 Jigen Game Neptune re★Verse Reveal

We’ll be sure to cover up the follow-up news on Go!Go!5 Jigen Game Neptune re★Verse in September. It’ll be interesting to see the game’s title for the western localization when the game comes over too.

I highly respect the developers at Compile Heart, especially those who’ve been with the company since at least the early days of HD consoles and the launch of the Neptune (Neptunia) franchise. In a way it’s amazing the series managed to survive this far and even get a fanbase outside Japan, despite how horrible the very first Neptunia game was. I’m genuinely happy for the developers they’ve been able to keep going for over ten years. They have a good sense of humor at times too, and aren’t afraid to be tongue-in-cheek as seen with this reveal video press conference parody.

In Japan, the latest Neptunia action game with VTubers, VVVTune, has just been released on August 6. Titled Neptunia Virtual Stars in the west, it’ll be coming over sometime in 2021, exclusively on PS4. You can read more details with our past coverage.

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