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PS5 and Xbox Series X Pages Appear on StockX, Price Gouging to Come Soon

If you don’t end up getting a PS5 or Xbox Series X in the first wave of pre-orders, StockX might be a site to keep an eye on.

If you’ve ever found yourself looking to pick up a hot new pair of sneakers or other popular collectibles, there’s a good chance that you’ve found your way over to StockX at one time or another. The resale site that specializes in streetwear has become a go-to spot for many who are collectors of hard-to-find items, but it’s also seemingly setting up for the advent of next-gen consoles, too.

Placeholder pages for both the PS5 and Xbox Series X appeared over on StockX recently ahead of pre-orders for each next-gen platform going live. While sales for either console haven’t started occurring on StockX just yet, this is another major indicator that the re-sale market is surely going to be spicy once pre-orders do begin happening.

For those not familiar with how StockX works, it’s a secondhand site that only allows the re-sale of new items. After products from the seller are sent to the company’s HQ to be verified as real by a professional, it is then shipped out to the buyer of said item. The prices on StockX for all items work sort of like the stock market, with the average sale price typically fluctuating over time as both buyers and sellers find the sale value that each feels comfortable with

The reason I’m even calling attention to this is because, if you end up missing out on the first wave of pre-orders for either the PS5 or Xbox Series X, StockX will be a good site to keep an eye on to see how far people will go to gouge others for the consoles. It’s a really good way of following the re-sale market and finding what most people are asking for of each next-gen platform. There will be a long sale history showing you how the market itself has developed and will give you a good idea of how much/how little you should pay if you end up looking to buy one of these consoles at re-sale.

That being said, this is something I still wouldn’t personally encourage you to do. It’s always better to buy each platform at their normal retail value. If you can’t pre-order one of these consoles right away, just be patient. You’ll surely be able to find one elsewhere if you give it enough time.

Xbox Series X pre-orders are set to go live next week on September 22. The PS5 still doesn’t have a price or release date just yet, but we should be learning more later today.

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