Indirect Object Pronouns

Indirect Objects Pronouns: Indirect object pronouns are the person or thing for whom an action is being or has been performed.

This function is similar in most language grammar, however Indirect objects in other languages could have some little differences but Portuguese Grammar is the most similar to Spanish Grammar or Italian Grammar.

Indirect Object Pronoun in Spanish

Indirect Object Pronoun Pronombre Objeto Indirecto
to/for me mi
to/for you ti
to/for her la
to/for him lo
to/for it lo
to/for us nos
to/for you (plural) os
to/for them les

Note: We use indirect object pronouns to replace indirect object nouns in sentences.

  • I bought this wallet for me.
  • Yo compré esta billetera para mí.

  • Your mom brought a gift for you.
  • Tu mamá trajo un regalo para ti.

  • You send this letter to her.
  • Tú mandas esta carta a ella.

  • Lucy made a chocolate cake to him.
  • Lucy le hizo una torta de chocolate.

  • Our grandmother sent candies for us.
  • Nuestra abuela nos mandó dulces.

  • She gave the tickets to them.
  • Ella les dio los tickets.

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