Spanish Direct Object Pronouns

Direct Object Pronouns: This kind of pronouns is used to replace the proper noun.
One must remember to keep consistency throughout the sentence.

Direct Object Pronouns in Spanish

  • She bought a new book.
  • Ella compro un libro nuevo.

  • She bought it.
  • Ella lo compró.

:: The proper noun un libro nuevo (a new book) is replaced by a direct object pronoun lo (it).

:: The construction of direct object pronouns is a bit different from English and other languages grammar like Portuguese Grammar.

Object Pronoun Pronombre Objeto
Me Me
You Te
Her La
Him Lo
It Lo
Us Nos
You (plural) Les
Them Las, Los

  • My aunt didn't see me in the park.
  • Mi tía no me vio en el parque.

  • She called you this morning.
  • Ella te llamó esta mañana.

  • I can't see her.
  • No la veo.

  • Mary is listening to him.
  • Mary lo está escuchando.

  • Your pen, I can't find it.
  • Tu lapicero, no lo encuentro.

  • Your dad gave us some candies.
  • Tu papá nos dio algunos dulces.

  • They did the task, the teacher will punish you.
  • Ellos no hicieron la tarea, la profesora les castigará.

  • Those kids are well-behaved, your mom will reward them
  • Esos niños se comportan bien, su mamá los recompensa

  • She doesn't see her children for long time, but she will see them soon.
  • Ella no ve a sus hijas durante mucho tiempo, pero las verá pronto.

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