Professions in Spanish

Spanish Professions There are many professions in the world and we always are related with them. It is for this reason that know the professions in Spanish is important. Let us teach you how to say our occupation to many people.

The words of professions in Spanish are very common; people frequently refer about their jobs. If you want to learn the exact word in Spanish of your profession, the following table has the most common professions in Spanish. The Spanish words of professions are a basic topic of Spanish vocabulary. These words will help you improve you Spanish language skills and have a wide Spanish lexicon.

In Spanish job market nobody can ever underestimate how important is to have a good resume. The first impression that a potential employer will have of you, is going to depend on how you present your resume. Check this keywords for resume writing and use the correct vocabulary related to profession you desire is the most important way to capture a potential employe's attention.

Spanish Professions

English Spanish
actor actor
actress actriz
artist artista
baker panadero
butcher carnicero
carpenter carpintero
cashier cajero
civil servant funcionario
cook cocinero
doctor médico
electrician electricista
employee empleado
engineer ingeniero
lawyer(barrister) abogado
maid criada
manager director
mechanic mecánico
nurse enfermero
plumber plomero
police officer policía
receptionist recepcionista
secretary secretario
student estudiante
teacher profesor
waiter/waitress camarero
writer escritor

  • The mechanic repairs my car.
  • El mecánico reparo mi auto.

  • My sister is a nurse.
  • Mi hermana es enfermera.

  • The student didn't do his homework.
  • El estudiante no hizo su tarea.

  • Penelope Cruz is a great actress.
  • Penélope Cruz es una gran actriz.

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