ENGLISH EQUIVALENTS: because of, (in order) to, for, by, through, per

Spanish Grammar takes into account a number of diverse prepositions, but within this section you will find the usage of the most common ones as well as some examples:

Spanish Preposition: por

  1. If you want to express some imprecise location or movement, using: around, by, through.

    • My prefer socks are around there.
    • Mis calcetines preferidos están por allí.

    • The park's address is around here.
    • La dirección de este parque está por aquí.

    • We went through the abandoned castle.
    • Pasamos por el castillo abandonado.

    • The river passes through the city.
    • El río atraviesa por toda la ciudad.

    • The window was opened by a strong wind.
    • La ventana fue abierta por un viento fuerte.

  2. To express the duration of some activity.

    • for two years, I endured discounts. Now I'm free!
    • por dos años tuve que soportar los descuentos. ¡Ahora estoy libre!

    • I went to vacation for two weeks.
    • Fui de vacaciones por dos semanas.

  3. If you want to express the replace of someone or something.

    • I'm going to start the course for Arturo. He was mi inspiration.
    • Voy a empezar el curso por Arturo. Él fue mi motivación.

    • I'm going to win the game for my dad.
    • Voy a ganar el partido por mi Papá.

  4. The preposition por is used for exchange, payment or substitution using: in exchange for, payment for, on behalf of

    • My dad gave me a scooter for my key ring′s collection.
    • Mi papá me dió una patineta por mi colección de llaveros.

    • I ate the dessert on behalf of Mary.
    • Comí el postre por Mary.
The preposition por in Spanish grammar is similar to one preposition in Portuguese grammar, for this reason if you can learn other language, you should learn Portuguese.

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