ENGLISH EQUIVALENTS: for, in order to, toward

Spanish Grammar takes into account a number of diverse prepositions, but within this section you will find the usage of the most common ones as well as some examples:

Spanish Preposition: PARA

  1. If you want to express some location or movement, using: to, toward

    • I'm going by bus to Cartagena.
    • Voy en bus para Cartagena.

    • Please note that this Masters cannot be applied toward getting the full scholarship.
    • Toma en cuenta que esta Maestría no cuenta para acceder a la beca completa.

  2. To express the duration of some activity such as a deadline time.

    • I'll finish it by tonight.
    • Lo terminaré para esta noche.

    • I'll prepare the cake by tomorrow.
    • Prepararé la torta para mañana.

  3. If you want to express the purpose of somebody or something, using: for, in order to

    • I'm working for my kids.
    • Trabajo para mis hijos.

    • The gift is for him.
    • El regalo es para él.

    • It's a special car for disabled persons.
    • Es un carro especial para discapacitados.

    • I'm replying to your emails in order to help you with the work.
    • Voy a responder tus correos para ayudarte con el trabajo.

  4. When you must to express opinion or something or someone else.

    • In his opinion, it seems so simple.
    • Para él parece todo tan simple.

The preposition: para in Spanish language is similar to one preposition in Portuguese language, for this reason if you can learn other language we recommended you learn Portuguese grammar.

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