ENGLISH EQUIVALENTS: in, at, on, into, by, inside, within

Spanish Grammar takes into account a number of diverse prepositions, but within this section you will find the usage of the most common ones as well as some examples:

Spanish Preposition: EN

  1. When you should to indicate location, in space or time.

    • My brother teaches in a private university of USA.
    • Mi hermano enseña en una universidad privada de Estados Unidos.

    • Teacher explains the experiment in Biology class.
    • El profesor explicó el experimento en la clase de biología.

    • We have a dinner at home.
    • Tenemos una cena en casa.

  2. To indicate position and meaning "on"

    • I live on Rock Avenue 245.
    • Vivo en Avenida Rock 245.

    • The little girl put the doll on the ground.
    • La niña puso la muñeca en el suelo.

  3. When you express time and if you need complete an amount of time in an expression.

    • She finished the test in 20 minutes.
    • Terminó el examen en 20 minutos.

    • I will work in the summer.
    • Trabajaré en el verano.

  4. In some cases preposition en, indicate the means by which something is done.

    • Lucia told this history seriously.
    • Lucia contó esa historia en serio.

    • Giancarlo always speaks jokingly.
    • Giancarlo siempre habla en broma.

  5. When you need to express a value.

    • He bought the mountain house for $20,000.
    • Compró la casa de montaña en $20,000.

  6. Some expressions where the preposition en, is included

    • In search of my dream home, I started to look for on television some program related to the Interiors Design. Instead of it, I found as in live show TV, gives multimillionaire homes. I was shocked and repeated in a loud voice: God, this must be as a joke!

    • En busca de la casa de mis sueños, empecé a buscar en la televisión algún programa relacionado al diseño de interiores. En lugar de eso encontré un programa en vivo que regalaba casas multimillonarias. Quedé impactada y repetí en voz alta: Dios esto debe ser en broma!

  7. It can also join some certain verbs:

    • to concentrate on
    • concentrarse en

    • to trust in
    • confiar en

    • to insist on
    • insistir en

    • to participate in
    • intervenir en

    • to reflect on
    • reflejar en

    • agree that
    • coincidir en que


The preposition en is never used with days of the week, this is a common mistake between foreigners.

The preposition en in Spanish language is similar to one preposition in Portuguese, for this reason if you want learn Portuguese language, learn Portuguese grammar for you are more easy.

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