ENGLISH EQUIVALENTS: of, about, from

Spanish Grammar takes into account a number of diverse prepositions, but within this section you will find the usage of the most common ones as well as some examples:

Spanish Preposition: DE

  1. The preposition de is replaced by the English apostrophe ('s) or (s'), used to express possession. Also to express belongings of someone or something, just change the possessor for the possessed thing and put the preposition de between them.

    • Luanna's father.
    • El papá de Luanna.

    • That habdbag is of the manageress.
    • Aquella cartera es de la jefa.

    • The kids' idea.
    • La idea de los niños.

  2. If the preposition de, is followed by the article el ("the"), we should be use the contraction del ("of the").

    • Rodrigo is nephew of the Republic's President.
    • Rodrigo es el sobrino del Presidente de la República.

  3. To express where that person comes from.

    • I am from Spain.
    • Soy de España.

  4. To express a reason why something is occurs.

    • She is worried from not paying the count on time.
    • Ella está preocupada de no pagar la cuenta a tiempo.

  5. When you must refer to material or characteristics of what something is made of.

    • It's a silver chain.
    • Es una cadena de plata.

    • The black coat is of a bad quality.
    • El abrigo negro es de mala calidad.

  6. To indicate the contents of an object.

    • My coworker is drinking a strawberry's juice like snack.
    • Mi compañero de trabajo toma un jugo de fresa como aperitivo.

  7. To indicate a superlative comparison.

    • That star is the most brilliant of them all.
    • Esa estrella es la más brillante de todas.

The preposition de in Spanish language is similar to one preposition in Portuguese grammar, for this reason if you can learn other language we recomended you learn Portuguese.

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