Preposition: A


Spanish Grammar takes into account a number of diverse prepositions, but within this section you will find the usage of the most common ones as well as some examples for you can learn online Spanish.

Spanish Preposition: a

  1. Preceding the pronoun when it referred to as the direct object pronoun of the verb.

    • When back home, Listen to your mom!
    • Cuando vuelvas a casa. Escucha a tu mamá!

    • My baby girl is sick, so I will to the chemist.
    • Mi bebita está enferma, así que iré a la farmacia.

  2. Related to indirect objects.

    • I've sold a house to my best of friend.
    • He vendido una casa a mi mejor amigo.

  3. Never after the verb: tener (to have)

    • I have a cousin who is one of the best international chefs.
    • Tengo un primo quien es uno de los mejores chef internacionales.

  4. If the Spanish preposition a (to), is followed by the article el/la ("the"), we should use the contraction al ("to the").

    • I want to give a trophy to the champion boy of cycling.
    • Yo quiero dar un trofeo al niño campeón de ciclismo.

    • The flour felt to the wooden floor.
    • La harina se cayó al piso de madera.

  5. If verbs and nouns express idea of destination, we used the preposition a.

    • I am going to Egypt next month.
    • Voy a Egipto el próximo mes.

  6. To connect a verb of movement an infinitive.

    • Cristian is going to play football at the end of his classes.
    • Cristian va a jugar futbol al término de sus clases.

  7. Inside expressions of time.

    • My dancing class starts at seven o'clock.
    • Mi clase de danza empieza a las siete.

  8. In front of interrogative words like whom or how many in which the answer would require the personal a.

    • Whom did you visit yesterday?
    • ¿A quién visitaste ayer?

    • How many of this group do you know?
    • ¿A cuántos conoces de este grupo?

    • I know Matias, Omar y Khaelr.
    • Conozco a Matias, Omar y Khael.

  9. Expressing rated or price.

    • At 98 per cent, the virtual winner is Fabrizio Vargas.
    • Al 98 por ciento, el ganador virtual es Fabrizio Vargas.

    • They sell shoes at tenth dollars.
    • Ellos venden zapatos a 10 dólares.

  10. Expressing distance between two points: estar + a

    • My house is three kilometers away from your home.
    • Mi casa está a tres kilómetros de tu casa.

The preposition a in Spanish language is similar to one preposition in Portuguese language, for this reason if you can learn other language we recomended you learn Portuguese grammar.

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