Spanish Plants

Spanish Flowers Learn more about the Spanish language, and learn the names of plants and flowers in Spanish, with our list of Spanish plants and flowers we put at your disposal.If you are interested in learn another language, you can learn Portuguese vocabulary, because it is similar with Spanish Vocabulary.

Amazonas is one of the largest jungles in the world, this cover some Spanish-speaking countries such as Peru and Colombia. This jungle houses a large range of plants and animals that only can grow there. Learning the plant's vocabulary will improve your Spanish skills. In this section you will find a large number of plants that will be useful if you are learning to speak Spanish language.

Plants in Spanish

English Spanish
tree árbol
bush arbusto
oak roble
elm olmo
cedar cedro
beech haya
chestnut castaño
palm palmera
cactus cactus
pine pino
cypress ciprés
eucalyptus eucalipto
walnut nogal
laurel laurel
olive olivo

Flowers in Spanish

English Spanish
geranium geranio
rose rosa
orchid orquídea
carnation clavel
sunflower girasol
daisy margarita
violet violeta
gladiolus gladiolo
lilies azucenas
lily lirio
tulip tulipán
cove cala
daffodil narciso
chrysanthemum crisantemo
dandelion diente de león

  • White roses are the flowers of friendship.
  • Las rosas blancas son las flores de la amistad.

  • The carnation is the most delicate flower.
  • El clavel es la flor más delicada.

  • The pine is an aromatic tree.
  • El pino es un árbol aromático.

  • Cedar has the finest wood.
  • El cedro tiene la madera más fina.

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