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Week 9 [09.12-15.12.19] New financial crisis. Should we be afraid?

Performancing Partners Sold to Splashpress

More news today on the continuing sagas of Performancing.

To say they’ve had some ups and downs of late would be an under statement – but today the news is breaking that Performancing Partners has been sold to Splashpress (owners of Blogherald and numerous other blogs) and will be managed by David Krug (founder of Jack of All Blogs, 901am and numerous other blogging ventures). Aaron has an interview with David that explains it all at Technosailor. The Firefox plugin (now called Scribfire) has not been sold.

Adding to the story today is that in the change over of servers it seems that David and Splashpress have had some problems as most of today Performancing has been showing a blog called ‘BlogLouisville’ (still is for me). It looks like David and his partners have a few more gremlins to get out of the system.

I won’t rehash all the news (they will focus first on ‘community’ – then roll out the tools again – sounds like a very similar process to last time around) – but will let you listen to the podcast for yourself. Lets hope the new owners can pull it all together.

This post was updated for accuracy

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