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In diabetes
patients who act consciously and adapt to treatment without falling their quality of life
He can move on with their lives. Anadolu Health Center Endocrinology and
Dr. Erdem Türemen
“The most common factors that cause Type 2 diabetes are the most common in society.
diabetes is associated with body fating, because the weight problem comes at the beginning
disease,” he says.

Make peace with diabetes!

Are you in risk groups?

As a sneaky disease in the early days
groups that are risk factors are of great importance in diabetes. Eg
those with diabetes in their family, overweight, hypertension patients, heart
patients and those with cholesterol problems stand out as the most risky groups
it’s coming out. Screening tests for risky groups possible diabetes
early detection of their stories. Increased risk of diabetes
term pre-diabetes is defined. Popularly known as ‘secret sugar’
during this period, the patient’s increased risk of diabetes because during this period, some
taking precautions, taking a number of drugs, changing the lifestyle or
Many steps, such as dieting, prevent a possible diabetes.

If there’s a feeling of constant hungry after meals, promise to shut up too much
if it’s about sudden weight loss, it’s about the rise of blood sugar.
you may suspect, but if the blood sugar measurement is normal and the patient’s weight,
if the results of physical examination are present, there is no need to worry. Patient’s body
if the mass index is over 30, if there is diabetes in the family, hyperlipidemia,
if there are stories of hypertension or heart disease, this time screening tests and
sugar loading test comes into play. Sugar loading test, person’s pre-diabetes
is also a process that indicates whether it is. One’s hunger sugar may be normal
but whether you have pre-diabetes without a sugar loading test
you may not understand. This test shows whether the person has pre-diabetes; If
if you have pre-diabetes, it is also possible to find out how close it is to diabetes.

2 habits that challenge diabetes!

  • Regular
  • Healthy

What should he pay attention to during pre-diabetes?

“To use drugs that sometimes slow down diabetes during pre-diabetes
it may be necessary. But before using the drug, the patients should be able to feed them.
corrections and mobility. If the patient applies them and
if he manages to maintain a certain weight control, he’s already
And he doesn’t need it. What is important is that weight control during pre-diabetes
to provide. The frightening complications of diabetes are also a good
monitoring and patient compliance.

We can’t change the genetic factors that cause diabetes, but we can’t change our lifestyle.
we can challenge diabetes by changing it. Especially known as hidden sugar
taking precautions with the necessary screening tests during pre-diabetes,
it also reduces the risk of getting caught.

Add “movement” to your life!

in addition to calorie burning, the body’s insulin response increases and lowers blood sugar
an important activity that reduces the need for medicine. Exercise is often used in diabetes patients
while improving circulation in the affected legs and arms, you can
he’s dropping it.

How to do exercises and exercise
what do you need to pay attention to when doing it?

  • Exercise
    start slowly and at a low speed and increase the tempo by going. You’re going to take a lot
    do not force.
  • With you
    always carry a letter indicating that you are suffering from diabetes, wristbands, etc.
  • Week
    Walk 3-5 times.
  • Foot
    sports that put less load on your feet, such as swimming and cycling, if you have a problem
  • Sports
    Keep your shoes and sneakers where you can see them at any time.
    So exercise will be in mind at any moment.
  • Your feet
    check frequently (redness, water collection, etc.).
  • Exercise
    glucose source foods with you during the period.
  • Late
    avoid exercise during the time, do not exercise alone.
  • Stepcounts
    and target 10000 steps. Scientific studies step by step
    users take 2,500 steps more than those who do not use them, and more
    it shows you’re losing weight.
  • Enough
    for the amount of water.
  • Exercise
    Measure your blood sugar before and after.

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